Media Production


Producing a corporate video is definitely the most important tool to show and say a lot about your company; it informs your potential clients about your products or services to be proud of and existing clients are reassured that they are with the right company. We will be delighted to assist you in the creative process to produce a corporate video that fulfils its goal and captivates your audience, engaging and making a clear impact connecting with your target audience, always refusing to believe there is an specific formula or stereotypes to make corporate videos in a certain way.

We pride ourselves on producing high-quality and innovative corporate videos, bringing creativity to its highest standards and looking for the perfect way to talk to your audience on the way.  We accomplished it by getting the right idea from the very beginning on what your corporate video wants to achieve and which will your key messages be. For this and many more reasons we can’t wait to share with you, we believe OneHundredEighty is way ahead on their competitors when it comes to price versus quality among Corporate Videos.


You might be thinking at this point on a marketing video, sales or advertising/ promotional video for your website to be made. OneHundredEighty will provide you with a state-of-the-art resource for your videos to be accomplished, because we know having a video on your website will make you more likable to be on top of searches, and our only priority, as it is for us, will by all means be getting you ahead of your competitors, peaking at a wide audience. We make this an easy, task, quickly and economic.

Bearing in mind that the average website visit less than 43 seconds, whereas for a website with a video goes up to six minutes; that represents an increase on over 88% more, and that is exactly what we want you to achieve. If you’re willing jump ahead on nowadays marketplace and get noticed, that’s certainly the kind of approach you will be looking for.


The vast majority of the people are unknown on how powerful the Postproduction process can be. We not only offer you the whole package but also your customize postproduction packages, suitable for all your needs, whichever these could be.

We provide you with a full range of facilities to be use, such as editing (our Apple certified editors use Final Cut Pro & Adobe Premiere Pro) Colour grading, Motion Graphics (Using Motion & Adobe After Efects), facilities for creating Voice Overs and Dubbing, outputting your visuals, whether it’s streaming online or creating Dvds.


There’re always commercials and ‘Commercials’. We are always aiming for the Capital C, no matter what sort of project it is; we believe only the great commercials are the ones people actually remember. Whether are its ‘catchy’ lines, its visually high tech or its powerful image, whether is simply its absolutely brilliant originality, your will want commercials that will bring the right approach to the Audience, and that will make them remember it for time after time. Well, at OneHundredEighty we actually make these ones.

That’s why we are here to connect you with the Audience. Although there’s no right formula for making a video ‘viral’, we will always do our best to give you the most vanguard and stylish look possible to stand way ahead of your competitors, pushing ourselves beneath the limits of creativity and ensuring a premium quality ending result. It is possible to stand out and we can make it happen.


We commit ourselves to outline and nailed all the key points of the product you’re willing to launch, because we want you to get straight to the point and don’t waste the customer -and therefore yours as well- valuable time. Whether it’s for training purposes, new launching, or a step by step run through instructions, we will provide the video you need to suit your business

Being aware on how saturated is the visual market nowadays, we will run with you through a comprehensive market strategy offering a pioneer service and techniques, in order to get your product noticed at the right time and place.  We are always aiming to go beyond the established limits and giving quicker results, at the right place and time, while making your launching everyone’s priority.


At OneHundredEighty our passion is film. They mean the world to us; from the very first conception of a brilliant idea, until the final distribution. We consider it our duty to provide you with the vehicle to transport your stories. The way they’re told is key, and we want to allow you to move and impact your audience. We don’t go for easy videos; as we say in our company, ‘one idea, endless possibilities’.


A portfolio is much like a CV, a way of demonstrating your abilities and talents to the world. It’s important to send the right message for yourself, and also to show what makes you distinct and unique. It is therefore a vital tool which needs to be made with a lot of thought and care. At OneHundredEighty, we will find a way to sum-up and mix your visuals into something that will demonstrate your versatility and amaze your potential clients, whether it’s acting and performing or samples of your latest projects.


A video CV is a new way for applicants to show their abilities outside of the limits of a piece of paper. This format allows prospective employers to see and hear applicants in a true-to-life way, allowing you to give the best first impression. Combining you, with the information you want to convey, we’ll develop a video that says exactly what you want to say to your potential employers. When the final product is accomplished, we will also provide you with extra copies of your final DVD and you will hopefully be ready to get shortlisted!


Along with short films, we also create music videos. To make yours the perfect tool for promoting your crafts and talent, we have a special team whom will work alongside you. We’ll develop the ideal mood for your tune, and can use a wide range of methods to make it stand out.