Media Production



At OneHundredEighty our passion is film. They mean the world to us; from the very first conception of a brilliant idea, until the final distribution. We consider it our duty to provide you with the vehicle to transport your stories. The way they’re told is key, and we want to allow you to move and impact your audience. We don’t go for easy videos; as we say in our company, ‘one idea, endless possibilities’.



A portfolio is much like a CV, a way of demonstrating your abilities and talents to the world. It’s important to send the right message for yourself, and also to show what makes you distinct and unique. It is therefore a vital tool which needs to be made with a lot of thought and care. At OneHundredEighty, we will find a way to sum-up and mix your visuals into something that will demonstrate your versatility and amaze your potential clients, whether it’s acting and performing or samples of your latest projects.



A video CV is a new way for applicants to show their abilities outside of the limits of a piece of paper. This format allows prospective employers to see and hear applicants in a true-to-life way, allowing you to give the best first impression. Combining you, with the information you want to convey, we’ll develop a video that says exactly what you want to say to your potential employers. When the final product is accomplished, we will also provide you with extra copies of your final DVD and you will hopefully be ready to get shortlisted!



Along with short films, we also create music videos. To make yours the perfect tool for promoting your crafts and talent, we have a special team whom will work alongside you. We’ll develop the ideal mood for your tune, and can use a wide range of methods to make it stand out.